Creative Precision West
2640 Rose Garden Lane
Suite 6
Phoenix, AZ, 85050

Phone: 800-335-4985
Fax: 800-335-4986

Creative Precision East
1501 Blueball Avenue
Linwood, PA, 19061

Phone: 888-437-0445
Fax: 888-437-0446


Creative Precision has full engineering capabilities at each of its facilities, including

  • Design & Build
  • Design Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Process Design

Drawings can be received electronically in most compatible formats, including IGES, CADKEY, STL, MASTERCAM and STEP. UNIGRAPHICS, CATIA and Pro-Engineer are acceptable in IGES format. Please send drawings in .PDF, .DXF or .DWG formats.

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